Full Circle - Music Video

directed by Dave Wallace

concept & creative direction by Quarterback

co produced by Adam Pistawka

makeup by Felicity Baker

styling by Mady Jones

starring - Karen Njoki, Laveen Gammie, Zoe Delano, Haley Blais, Christian Maradiaga, Kiaran McMillan, Drew Tostenson

special thanks to Kalina Jones <3, Derek Janzen, Joby & Theresa Baker

written by Quarterback

produced by Hugh Mackie

mixed by Howie Beck

back up vocals, and other instruments by Hugh Mackie

Making this video was such a damn dream!!

I approached Dave Wallace from Riptide Studios with a very obscure music video concept that had to do with Greek Mythology, Addiction, Lust, Rebirth, and Redemption. I wanted to use some lighting and aesthetic influences from cinematic shows like Suspiria & Twin Peaks, while maintaining an ethereal soft energy throughout. I wanted to keep everyone stimulated with the contrasting shots to emphasize on the change of emotions I was feeling while writing this song. This song was written FROM a very frustrating and vulnerable place. I truly hope that it resonates with other people and brings some of us together <3

Firstly, everything was filmed in Victoria, BC. The first day of shooting was at Killarney Lake with my black mamas. While Zoe, Laveen & I were driving up to the location we learned that all of our families were from Kingston, Jamaica. Having that moment was so magical, because there aren’t many other POC in Victoria, so being surrounded by people who understand your upbringing and culture was hella special. Super magical! It was such an honour having them in my video (as well as Karen, thanks girl ;)..). The girls filmed everything in the water right when the sun was setting, and LET ME TELL YOU, it was cold afterwards because I forgot to bring towels (teehee :3). That night we filmed all of the Dionysus scenes in the forest with Drew (Dionysus, Lord of the Rings looking mofo). This part was a true LOTR shoutout, as Drew looked like a sexy fantasy elf. Dumping that water on my face was so damn cold!! I praise myself for keeping that poker face, while basically doing the Ice Bucket Challenge (minus doing it for an actual cause).

The next shooting day was working with Kiaran (cute white boy in man thong). We filmed it in Dave’s studio and my favourite part was applying my DIY body glitter that made Kiaran’s skin look shiny! There was one other day that we worked in Dave’s studio doing some green screen work, in the diamond space scene (that’s what I’m gonna call it LOLOL).

There were two more days that we did shooting to conclude everything. We shot the Red Room scene at Claremont School out in Cordova Bay. We were looking for red curtains around town so that we could emulate the famous Twin Peaks red curtain room, with the lighting of the 1977 horror classic, Suspiria. Bless Chrisitan & Haley for being my sexy little bad influences. This scene was supposed to represent my inner psyche. The idea that my body is my temple and they are the disruptors who are encouraging mistreatment to my body. Originally I had another lovely girl hired to play Haley’s role, but she had to back out last minute unfortunately… LUCKILY Haley was coming into town that weekend for work, and was brave enough to step in last minute.

The very last thing that we filmed was the first (and last) scene you see in the video. We filmed the scene in REVERSE, and only had ONE CHANCE to get it done. So hopefully what you see doesn’t look awkward (as I am an awkward lil biotch).

ANYWAYS, I truly truly could not have done this video without the help of Adam Pistawka, Mady Jones, Kolina Jones, and Felicity Baker! Thank you to everyone who was apart of it. This was an absolute dream for me. I never thought that I would get to a point where people around me were excited about my art, and this video showed that. It really boosted my confidence to keep going and for that, I thank everyone involved in this project.

I hope you all enjoy! <3